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Thailand: Phuket, Ko Samui and Pangan

approaching Phuket

In early September, we finally managed to leave the Europe and fly to Thailand. The only direct flight was to Phuket, so that‘s where we spent about ten days getting rid of the kids‘ Jetlag, cleaning up the beach, enjoying the waves, yoga, massages, and discovering Thai food.

Phuket beach time

Then we moved over to Ko Samui, bathing in waterfalls, encountering the first pot selling coffeeshops, and checking out potential hospitals for giving birth to the upcoming baby. 

Beach clean-up

Soon after, we continued to Ko Pangan on a speed boat, where we moved around every couple of nights in order to check out a couple of resorts.

We met two German families and became friends with a traveler from Amsterdam who would later take Simon out to DJ Station in Bangkok, a memorable experience by itself 🙂

Besides the impressive yoga offer, the mindful family day at The Source was a particularly touching experience with gardening, Trauma Relief Exercises and the game for emotional intelligence Magical U. 

a book recommended by a permacultures teacher