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How to get your electric bike to the Canaries

This article describes how you can get your electric bike from Toulouse (France) along the Mediterranean coast to Cádiz in order to take the ferry from there to the Canaries. There may be other routes that you can work out following the bullet points below.

JJs brother proposed to spend a month on Fuerteventura to escape the winter. Our cargo bike was already in Barcelona and daddy‘s touring bike was being replaced by an electric folding bike (Tern Vektron S10, 1700€ with about 1k km). The latter can very easily be taken on all trains, so a dad and a friend of his took it from Berlin to Toulouse by long distance trains.
Then they took regional trains to Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia and Alcoi. From there they cycled to Alicante, took the local train to Murcia, and then cycled via the hippy bay Cala San Pedro to Almería.

From Almería, MD trains can be reserved to get to Cádiz via Granada, Antequera and Sevilla.

To follow this route, spending two nights in Barcelona and Valencia, you need:

  • About 2 weeks
  • This map
  • This Spanish article (I recommend using DeepL for translation)
  • To get from Toulouse to Barcelona, take the TER to Latour and from there the R3 operated by Rodalies (tickets on board only)
  • Reservations were complicated for the MDs in Andalucia, so if you have a ferry to reach from Cádiz to the Canarian islands, make sure to reserve the essential trains.

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